Mr. Jack's History

Mr. Jack was born out of the yearning to share our Peruvian flavors. Years of tradition, wide biodiversity and multicultural influence are all reasons why our food is so flavorful.

We want to make sure that anybody who sets foot into our restaurant has a chance to experience the true flavors of Peru, just like we have all our lives.

Our restaurant’s name originates from my grandfather’s name, Jack. My grandfather was a landlord on the outskirts of Lima City. He was a devoted customer of the first Peruvian chicken, or pollo a la brasa restaurants, “La Granja Azul." After a year of being a repeat customer of the above-mentioned restaurant, he started to experiment with the flavors, and he developed his own recipe which we now bring to you. We are starting this restaurant as a single unit in Eldersburg, MD, and our plan is to grow in the United States to show our Peruvian Gastronomic Culture to the world.

Our mission is to offer our customers quality service with a great product that is locally raised with natural and organic food in a wonderful environment, making us an attractive addition to our town.